Corporate Online Marketing For Hotels
Develop Corporate Strategies and
Online Marketing processes.

Corporate Online Marketing for hotels contains an optimization of your Social Media management and ensure that your brand is represented accordingly across all social channels worldwide.


Change the way the business profiles of your management and C-Level staff are recognized on social business platforms.


The backbone of your Online Marketing set-up is the infrastructure that you chose, which ideally will save you time and resources in managing your channels.


Create high-performing global Online Marketing campaigns across multiple online channels that elevate your brand.


Ensure that your brand is recognized across all Online Marketing channels in a way that is memorable to your stakeholders.


Develop your team’s Online Marketing competencies with regular coachings and trainings to keep up to date with the latest trends.

It takes years to build a brand and only one bad online ad to ruin it. Never has it been more important for corporate companies to manage their brand(s) online.

The world’s biggest brands all have one thing in common, namely that their brand has something about them that makes it recognizable by anybody at any point in time. Corporate Online Marketing for hotels is an important key factor for brands and chains to manage their online appearance. The various stakeholders, including investors, clients, staff and the general public each perceive a brand’s online footprint differently, making the task of exceeding the expectations of all of those stakeholder groups increasingly more complex. Different stakeholder groups enforce different Online Marketing platforms, different strategies and require frequent adaptation of tools put in place to measure and ensure brand success.

Studio 49 helps corporate companies manage their Online Marketing challenges and develop strategies as to how to use the full potential of their brand(s) across all platforms. We provide Online Marketing Management, Crisis Management, Reporting, Strategy Development and a variety of campaign services to help elevate brands in crucial moments. We contribute to the success of corporate Online Marketing teams in whatever capacity necessary by filling voids that naturally arise when running (a) global brand(s) across multiple channels.

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