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Let's tell your stories on Social Media.

Developing a relation with your community and creating the necessary interaction points defines the loyalty of your community and is only one important part of social media management for hotels.


Content in all its varieties has evolved to becoming the single most important factor in Social Media. How good is yours?


Influencers can help hotels and destinations level-up their Social Media efforts. Learn more about our approach and what to consider.


Converting your Social Media fans to loyal in-house guests means bringing together online and on-site.


Discover more about the art and science of delivering your brand message through online ads and campaigns.


Understanding and learning from your online community’s data and metrics will allow you to customize your offers.

The world is as interconnected as it has ever been. Social Media has changed the way we live, interact and do business.

In 2022 more than 4.5 billion people on this planet actively used a Social Media platform. Whilst that number is impressive, Social Media Management for hotels has gradually become one of the most important parts of a modern Online Marketing mix. Naturally the opportunities on Social Media platforms for hospitality and travel companies that arise from the world being as connected as ever are near endless but capitalizing on those has become increasingly more complicated as the Social Media platforms and the users’ attention span are an ever so competitive asset. Identifying relevant target groups and showcasing your brand to them at the right moment in time on Social Media platforms will create value for your brand online.

Studio 49 develops hospitality and tourisms brands on Social Media using the latest trends and functions on the most popular Social Media platforms. Modern Social Media Marketing should consist of a balanced mix of meaningful content, Influencer Marketing, user-generated content, ads and organic reach. We have proven experience of Social Media Marketing with both individual hotel properties and corporate brands and are able to adjust our deliverables for each project individually.

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