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Empowering your team to draw from their full potential
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Develop your team’s competencies by prividing Online Marketing Coaching  for hotels, including workshops and trainings to keep up to date with the latest trends.


Invite your team to discover the latest digital marketing trends, innovative strategies and practical advice.


Personalized guidance to improve marketing skills, strategy development, soft skills – specialized for marketing in hotels and the tourism sector.


We cover inspiring hospitality and online marketing talks and topics made for industry conferences.


We offer moderation of meaningful and lively discussions, which promote collaboration and explore diverse perspectives on panel talks.


We know your time is precious. Therefore we offer keynotes, panels, and coachings as an online or offline service.

Developing your team and in-house skills is the key to happy staff members and successful marketing.

The dynamic landscape of hotel marketing demands constant learning and adaptation. Online Marketing Coaching for hotels includes not only workshops but also keynotes as basic facts to equip professionals with up-to-date strategies and insights. Workshops provide hands-on learning experiences, fostering practical skills and teamwork, while keynotes may inspire new creativity and vision. Coaching complements these by offering personalized guidance, and bridging gaps in individual knowledge and capabilities. This empowers your marketing team to stay ahead in a competitive digital world, to let your businesses thrive and last but surely not least fosters employee satisfaction.

At Studio 49 we know first-hand about the crux of the industry. Finding and keeping staff engaged is difficult – and so are the everchanging challenges of digital marketing for hotels. We help guide your team through the rapidly evolving market dynamics and platforms. We keep your team up to date with practical know-how, industry best practices, and inspire them with innovative and creative idea input. You can rest assured, we will also leave them with a smile and happy to start on new projects.

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