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Welcome to the Studio!
Online Marketing in Hospitality
We help companies and brands in hospitality succeed online.


Create memories.

As a full-service Online Marketing agency for the hospitality and tourism industry, we create value using existing assets or developing new ones to help elevate your performance.


Unveil potential.

Everything we do here is geared towards making you better online than you already are. Using the latest technology and trends available, we help you unveil your full potential online.


Explore opportunities.

We work with hospitality companies, -universities and public organizations around the globe to educate staff and students on the professional use of Online Marketing channels.

Challenging the status quo of Online Marketing for hospitality
is our daily goal! Our mission is to make you visible and competitive in the online world by unlocking the full digital potential of your brand.

Online Marketing has become the most important revenue driver of the Hospitality & Tourism sector. As the world continues to become more interconnected, actively managing your online apperance is essential. To reach your target audience has never been more important, so it’s only right that you are looking for experts to accompany you on that mission.

Studio 49 combines passion for hospitality with in-depth knowledge of Online Marketing. Our team has a background in either Online Marketing or hospitality providing a unique benefit to our clients. We work with national and international clients of the travel world on topics including Social Media, Performance Marketing, Corporate Online Marketing, SEO and Web-Design. Beyond that we create digital content, including photography and videography. 

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We create lasting online memories that keep customers engaged with your brand.

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Welcome to Studio 49
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