Employer Branding for Hotels

The power of
in today’s market

Employer Branding for companies of all sizes and industries, has become an increasingly important part of online marketing efforts. Giving employees a voice creates a win-win situation, making the employees feel seen and heard, while at the same time, giving others outside the company a chance to identify with the brand and its’ core values.

From a marketing perspective, embracing a b2r – “Business to Recruitment” or “Business to Retention” – approach becomes imperative. Why? In the next decade, the workforce dynamics will change, and we will witness more exits than entrances, urging employers to differentiate themselves from one another and create an identifiable workculture within their brands.

Investing in a well thought through employer branding campaign might be one of the best business decisions for the future.

The future of employer branding campaigns: Is it TikTok?

Yes, if you are after GenZ. This particular generation navigates the professional landscape differently, using TikTok as more than just a platform for entertainment. What started as a hub for fun short videos has evolved into a creative knowledge source and search engine. Users are treating TikTok like they do Google or Bing, it’s time to incorporate it into Employer Branding strategies.

Companies can showcase their culture, values, and employee experiences and benefits in engaging fun ways, attracting young talent and connecting with the demographics/target groups of high school graduates. The time of ridiculous dance clips has passed (unfortunately!), let’s embrace the “TikTok workforce” chapter.

Numbers don’t lie!

Data speaks volumes about the importance of cultivating a positive employer brand. It’s not just about attractive talent aquisition, but also about retaining top employees and fostering a culture of appreciation within a brand.

Employer Branding is not just a buzzword anymore.